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Jr Sharks Performance Center

Workout in the Junior Sharks Training Room

The Junior Sharks training room is now available for usage groups at the following prices:

1. Junior Sharks membership for athlete and parents of the following teams whose dues cover the training room: 

Athletes are allowed to use the facility during their practice times only.  


2) Teams allowed access for team dryland prior to games:

Boys: 12/14/16AA, 12/13/14/15/16/18AAA

Girls: 14/19AA, 12/14/16/19AAA


Training Room Availabilty

Gym times:

All Junior Sharks teams and Sharks ice classes and programs have priority use over the gym. In general the gym is filled with teams and programming at the following times:

Fall/Winter M-F: 4pm-10:00pm ; Sat 8am-6pm

During summer months, please be aware the gym will be occupied as well for camps from 8am- 3pm

A gym member is welcome to use the gym during this time, however, please be aware that the training room will be full mostly during these times and your workout options maybe limited.

Jr Sharks Performance Center contact

Shane Galaviz

Director of Strength and Conditioning