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Overview & Costs

Overview and Costs

The San Jose Jr. Sharks is a youth hockey club where our goal is long-term development, not short-term success. We intentionally offer different level teams with different emphasis, in order to address the different needs and interests of members in the program. The Jr. Sharks offer competitive teams for boys (ages 9-18), girls (ages 8-19) and Women (over 20 years old).

Our Travel Hockey A/B/ Tier II “AA” teams offer a balance of skill development and competition, with a solid practice program and the opportunity to participate in a highly competitive league throughout Northern California.

Extending this strong foundation Tier I “AAA” teams gain the highest possible developmental and competitive learning experience, by playing at a State, Regional and National level. At the top level our Tier I “AAA” teams develop elite players who are capable of attaining their future hockey goals.

The Girls and Women teams are committed to nurture a love of the sport of hockey, especially at the younger age groups while offering opportunities to compete at the local, state, and national levels. Players are given opportunities at the oldest age group to showcase their abilities to collegiate coaches.


The cost of playing youth hockey for the Jr. Sharks can be divided into dues, soft goods, and travel expenses. It is the goals of the Jr. Sharks to have our dues cover all expenses associated with being on a youth hockey team. The Jr. Sharks program general estimated costs include season fees, travel expenses and soft goods. Specific season cost will be presented at team tryouts. Here is what each portion covers:

Jerseys and Socks: 

  • Players will have to purchase 2 game jersey
  • Players do not have to purchase a new jersey every season 

Matching equipment

  • Players must wear black pant shells, black gloves, and black helmet
  • Players must use a Jr. Sharks hockey bag

Dress Code

  • Players must wear a track suit and Jr. Sharks golf shirt
  • Tier I players must wear Jr. Sharks t-shirt and shorts to work out

Hockey Equipment

  • Players must wear all required hockey equipment by USA Hockey
  • Jr. Sharks recommend players to wear a neck guard


Flights, hotel, ground transportation, and meals on the road with Jr. Sharks teams
Team’s may choose to do “Team Travel” in which parent work together to transport and chaperone the players on hockey road trips to minimize expenses.

General Estimated Season Fees

Teams Season Fees Travel Expenses Trips Soft Goods
Boys AAA 15/16/18U $6500-$6900 $6,000 8 $400
Boys AAA 11U-14U $5,500-$6,000 $3,700-5,000 5+ $400
Boys AA $4300-$4500 $2,400-3,500 6 (CAHA) $400
Boys Travel A/B $3150-$3500 $2,400-3,500 2 $400
Girls 8U $1800 $750-1,500 1-2 $400
Girls A/B $2100-$2500 $750-1,500 1-2 $400
Girls AA $2000- $3000 $2,250-3,750 2-3 $400
Girls AAA $4500-$5000 $6000 6-8 $400

*Travel dues have increased this season to reflect the Jr. Sharks’ goal of setting one price to include all hockey related items reflected above. The price increase contains adding 2 out of state tournaments, NORCAL playoffs, and head coaches travel expenses. The Jr. Sharks strive to limit additional charges of playing for the our club.


The San Jose Jr. Sharks accept payment through the online registration system. 

The first payment is due upon making the team.  Monthly payments are due on the 15th (July  through November).  Boys AAA have an additional payment in December.

To make a payment, visit the registration section.

Financial Aid

Members of the Jr. Sharks have TWO opportunities, NORCAL Rep and NORCAL Youth Hockey League, to receive scholarship money for the  season. NORCAL Rep is a 501 C.3 that is funded by the Jr. Sharks which is only used for Jr. Sharks’ players. NORCAL Youth Hockey league is funded and made available to all players in Northern California.