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2023-24 Jr. Sharks Tryout Information

Head coaching assignments for the 2023-24 season, registration for tryouts, detailed tryout schedule and head coaches for this season are listed below. Tryout dates by team level are as follows:

June 2-4, 2023
12AAA Girls (2011's & 2012's)
11AAA Youth (2012's)
12AAA Youth (2011's)

13AAA Youth (2010's)
14AAA Youth (2009's)
15AAA Youth (2008's)
16AAA Youth (2007's)
18AAA Youth (2005's & 2006's)

June 7-9, 2023
14AAA Girls (2009's & 2010's)
16AAA Girls (2007's & 2008's)
19AAA Girls (2004's, 2005's & 2006's)

June 9-11, 2023
12AA Girls (2011's & 2012's)
14AA Girls (2009's & 2010's)
16AA Girls (2007's & 2008's)
19AA Girls (2004's, 2005's & 2006's)
12AA Youth (2011's & 2012's)
14AA Youth (2009's & 2010's)
16AA Youth (2007's & 2008's)
18AA Youth (2005's & 2006's)

June 16-18, 2023
8U Girls Jamboree Teams (2015's & 2016's)

10U Girls A/BB/B Team (2013's & 2014's)
8U Jamboree Youth Teams (2015's & 2016's)
10U A/BB/B Youth Teams (2013's & 2014's)
12U A/BB/B Youth Teams (2011's & 2012's)
14U A/BB/B Youth Teams (2009's & 2010's)
16U A Youth Team (2007's & 2008's)

Head Coaches for 2023-24

Tryout Schedules

*Mandatory Pre-Check in is designed for players to turn-in and complete all necessary paperwork & receive their tryout jersey.  This process mitigates congestion and confusion on the day of your player's tryout. 

Please register for only one tryout level at a time. Start with the highest level your player would like to acheive. Registrants will be emailed a discount code to register for the next round of tryouts in the event players did not achieve the higher level. Re-tryout discount codes will be emailed to participants after the conclusion of each tryout weekend. When using the discount code, participants MUST use their assigned tryout jersey from the previous tryout. Only one tryout jersey will be assigned to participants regardless of level.

If you have questions about tryouts, please contact Curtis Brown. For team specific questions, please contact the appropriate coach.