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For Coaches


Check Requests

To get reimbursed for Jr. Shark related expense, please follow the following guidelines:


  • Prior to applying, Manager or Coach must email Mike Janda - and receive approval
  • Manager or Coach must complete application for the tournament
  • Send 1 copy to the tournament and notify the organizer check in route
  • Send 1 copy to Tyler Shaffar  and Treasurer for approval
  • Requests must be received and processed by noon on Tuesday for the check to be written on Friday of the same week

Coaches Travel Reimbursement (Boys AA/AAA and Girls)

  • Coaches must turn in receipts to the manager
  • Manager fills out reimbursement form / attaches receipts 
  • Leave in the respective Jr. Sharks club Mailbox
  • Treasurer will collect forms on weekly basis
  • Treasurer and President will sign reimbursement checks