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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of the program?

"Our goal is long-term development, not short-term success"

The San Jose Jr. Sharks offer competitive programs for both boys (9-18), girls (8-19) and Women 20.

Our Travel A/B/AA programs goal is to provide a fun, developmental, and competitive opportunity for players looking to play youth hockey while limiting time, travel, and cost commitments.

Extending this strong foundation, Tier I programs goal is to provide a fun, developmental, and competitive opportunity for players looking to play youth hockey who have the skill, dedication, and desire to play hockey at the junior and collegiate levels.

The Girls program is committed to nurture a love with the sport of hockey, especially at the younger ages. While the Jr. Sharks strive to create two similar paths (Travel and Tier I) for our girl members, the numbers of girls playing in the Jr. Sharks are not there at this time. Therefore the Jr. Sharks will continue to recruit, retain, and develop their player pool as the objective of the Jr. Sharks in the coming years will be to offer two teams at 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 19U. However, until that time the Jr. Sharks will work to satisfy both goal orientated players in the current team structure.

What age group does my child look at?

The San Jose Jr. Sharks has teams in age categories for Boys 9-18 years old, Girls 8-19 years old and Women’s teams. Jr. Sharks have teams in the following age and competitive level categories:

Do Boys and Girls play on the same team?

The Jr. Sharks have boys and girls teams. A few girls may play on the boys teams however the Jr. Sharks strongly encourage girls to play girls’ hockey.

When is the Jr. Sharks Hockey season?

The Jr. Sharks season begins with practices in mid-August or September and concludes in February or March of the following year. Schedules for individual teams will be available at tryouts.

When and where are the games?

Based on the level of play the Jr. Sharks.....

*26 Games for 10U

Team Games Travel Playoffs
AA & AAA 40-60 Across US and Canada State, Regional and National Championships
A & B 30-40 Northern CA, possible travel tournaments Northern CA and State Championships
Girls 40-45* Northern CA, Tournaments Pacific Districts and National Championships
Women 20-25 US and Canada, Tournaments Pacific Districts and National Championships

How much does it cost to play hockey?

The Jr. Sharks program general estimated costs include season fees, travel expenses and soft goods. Specific season costs will be presented at team tryouts.

Visit our Overview and Costs Page to learn more

How does the Jr. Sharks screen coaches

San Jose Jr. Sharks Coaches, managers and other individuals who have routine access to children (anyone under the age of majority) are required to have current background screening compliance through the CAHA Screening program:


When and Where are are the practices, on and off-ice?

Team Weekly Ice Weekly off Ice
AAA 2 - 3    90 minutes 2-3 times a week
AA / A  B (2)  75 minutes 1 full ice, 1 shared Once a week for Bantams and Midgets
All Girls teams 1-2   60 minutes mixed full and shared ice Once a week

How many school days are missed for hockey?

Due to travel to tournaments players can expect to miss a few school.

  • AAA teams - Up to 7 days
  • AA teams - 4-5 days
  • A and B teams - 2-4 days
  • Girls teams - 2-6 days