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Hockey Advisory Board

Jr. Sharks Hockey Advisory Board

The Hockey Advisory Board (HAB) helps guide the Director of the Jr. Sharks and the Hockey Council with Club operations and policy. The HAB is comprised of the following voting members, 4 members of current  Jr. Sharks Club (parents), 1 Sharks Sports & Entertainment executive, Hockey Director, 1 outside members and 2 Sharks Alumni.

The purpose of the HAB is:

  • A collaboration of Club families and Sharks Ice (the organization) to ensure Club Bi-laws are being adhered to
  • Follow the goals and mission of the Jr. Sharks as outlined in the Bi-laws and Policy
  • Ensure transparency throughout the organization
  • Review coaching recommendations and provide final approval subject to membership feedback
  • Final Step in the Jr. Sharks Disputes and Resolution process
  • Help provide the best possible youth hockey experience to our membership
  • Help advise the Director of the Jr. Sharks.

Jon Gustafson

Sharks EVP Board Member

Scott Hannan

Director of Jr. Sharks

Robert Savoie

Hockey Director

Karen Hackett

Jr. Sharks Registrar

Mark Smith

Sharks Alumni

Joe Balan