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Boys Travel

Time Commitment

The Jr. Sharks mission is to develop our players on and off the ice. Our membership benefits from knowledgeable coaches that train our players according to USA Hockey’s American Development Model and Long Term Athlete Development Principles. Each team’s program is tailored to the windows of trainability for their specific age and maturity. The Jr. Sharks experience includes off-ice skill, strength and conditioning, along with practice ice and classroom discussion.

Travel A/B/AA Hockey


  • Two times a week for 1 hour 15 minutes

Off-Ice training on practice days

  • 1-2 times a week for an hour at coaches discretion


  • Teams have meetings at coaches discretion

League Games

  • NORCAL league: Saturday and Sunday


  • San Jose - Thanksgiving (Silver Stick)
  • San Jose - Christmas (Winter Classic)
  • Plus 2 - 3 out of state tournaments


  • 2 trips out of state
  • Tier II "AA" will travel to LA 3-4 times, but will not leave state unless team qualifies for Nationals

Expected School days missed

  • 2-4 days

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