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Mobile Team ID: 310263

12U A-2

Regular Season 2016-17
2016-17 x Regular Season


CAHA Weekends/Tournaments

12AA Team Rules

1. Bullying WILL NOT be tolerated. Any bullying will result in dismissal from the team.
2. Bad Language: Players be aware of your words. Remember, it is not your intent that gets you in trouble,
    but the impact they have on others!
3. Be on time for everything!
    If a player is going to be late, he needs to CALL COACH CONROY
      i) Arrival Times:
         a. Games: 1 Hour before
         b. Practices: 30 minutes before
      ii) If a player is late for a game function: sit 1 period
      iii) If a player is late for a practice/dryland: extra dryland
4. Absences
    a) You are allowed 3 excused absences for the YEAR:
      i) Extra time to study for a test
      ii) Too much Homework and need to get it done
      iii) Family emergencies
      iv) Injuries will not count against you as an excused absence
    b) If you exceed 3 excused absences, time will be missed during games
5. Dress Code
    a) ALL GAMES: Khaki pants with Jr. Sharks polo. Dress shoes, dress socks and belt. NO HATS.
    b) WORKOUTS: Black shorts with Jr. Sharks Dryland Shirt (Orange or Grey)
    c) PRACTICES: Jr. Sharks Practice Jersey, black socks and mouth guard
    d) EQUIPMENT: Black Helmet, Sharks-colored or black Gloves, black Bauer Pant Shell, Sharks or Jr. Sharks Helmet Stickers,
        WHITE skate laces
6. Locker Room Policy: Last 3 players out, clean the locker room
7. Players are not to be unsupervised.
    Locker Rooms: CAHA-Screened Locker Room Monitor must be present at all times. Players have 30 minutes to get out of
    the locker room after a team skate. Players please respect the Monitor’s TIME! If a monitor is having a problem, please find
    Coach Conroy.
8. Issues: If here are any issues, Coach Conroy is the first to know!
9. If parents of players would like to discuss something (ice time, punishments, decisions, etc.), please wait 24 hours to approach
    the coach. For the meeting, PLAYER AND PARENT must be present. No formal meetings will be held without both parties.