Staff Expenses

  • SI Management, skill coaches, head coach, and coaches travel expenses
  • Assistant coach stipend and travel expense built into Tier I teams’ budget

Registration Expenses

  • NORCAL, CAHA, PGHL, USA Hockey, and T1EHL registration fees

Game Expenses

  • CAHA, NORCAL, PGHL, T1EHL event fees, tournament fees, on-ice officials and scorekeepers
  • Tier I "AAA" 4-7 events (age level dependent)
  • Tier II "AA" 1-2 out-of-area events, 4-5 in-state events
  • Travel "A/BB/B"

Operational Expense

  • Practice Ice, Practice Jerseys/Coaches Track Suit, website, and credit card processing fee
  • AAA Practice 100 hours of ice
  • AA Practice 70 hours of ice
  • 14U and older teams have money budgeted for weight room access