Captain Check-in will occur on tournament day. Captains will be required to turn in all the tournament waivers at this time. All players must have a waiver on file prior to participation.

  • Please make sure you or a team representative check-in at the check in desk in the main conference room. This is required:
  • San Jose Check in will be upstairs in the Conference room across from the Gym, Fremont please check-in with the scorekeeper 15 minutes prior to game, and Oakland will have a check-in table at the Front desk.
  • All captains will need to check in some time Friday at least 30 minutes prior to your first game. Check in will be open at 10am. Only captains need to check in. Do not send your players to the conference room unless they are just turning in a waiver. If you can't make it in Friday you will need to send a team representative to check in before your game.
  • When you check in you will need waivers from every one of your players (including coaches) who are on your roster that will be playing this week end. Waivers ARE required even if you play in the local league. Waivers can be found here:
  • When you check in you will be given sign in sheets for all your games. All players will need to sign it prior to each game and it needs to then be submitted to the score keeper doing your game BEFORE the end of the warm up.
  • When you check in you will be verifying your roster. If you have any roster issues come early there may be a line and they will need to be resolved before your game.
  • No player is allowed to be rostered on more than one team, period.
  • If you need to use an unrostered sub goalie for an emergency you will need to notify the tournament prior to game time. You may not use a sub goalie from a higher level.  If you are using a sub goalie, your regular goalie cannot play as a player.