How To Roster Players & Waivers


You can add players or edit players information at a later time, but you MUST do so online and by Monday, April 17th, 2023.  

In order to complete roster submission, you must have current USA Hockey confirmation number for each player on your team. You can complete registration to guarantee a spot for your team in the tournament and edit the roster at a later date. However, you will need to finish the roster, prior to the deadline. If you or any player on your team does not have a confirmation number, they can register at USA Hockey.

Team representatives/Captains will each receive a unique Captain Portal on our team management site TimeToScore (TTS). If you have not received a team portal login, please email Morgan Stace (

In order to edit or add players information:

 1. Log in to your TimeToScore Account

 2. Locate your "Roster" dashboard link on the left-hand side options

3. Click “Roster"

4. Input your player's USA Hockey #s

5. Check to see which players have and have not completed the online Waiver under the "Waiver 1" column. 


WAIVERS: All players will be required to fill out the tournament waiver online. The captain will be required to ensure all players have completed their waiver prior to playing the first game. Players that do not have a waiver on file will be required to fill one out with the scorekeeper prior to the game. Waiver can be found HERE.