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CAHA Norcal Adult Hockey State Championships 2020

California Adult State Championships 2020 | CANCELLED

The 2020 Event will be CANCELLED due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


After strong consideration and deliberation, California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) has decided to cancel this year's event in both San Jose and Irvine, CA.

San Jose Location Championships CANCELLED

The 2020 Event will be CANCELLED:

San Jose, CA

April 24 - April 26

Team Registration & Information:

San Jose will host the following Divisions:

Advanced, Intermediate, Novice, Rookie, Over 60, Over 50, Women intermediate/Novice



Solar4America Ice at San Jose and Fremont (operated Sharks Ice) and California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA)  invite you to the 11th Annual California Adult Hockey State Championships! The coed division will play in San Jose and the female division will play primarily in Fremont. Our goal is to provide a great tournament experience plus great competition at many different divisions and levels. Games will start Friday morning at 9am and conclude Sunday evening.


  • Three game guarantee
  • Participation gift for all players
  • Championship Mugs (1st place teams)
  • Stanley's Sports Bar in San Jose/Fremont
  • Tournament Entry Deadline: April 1st, 25 team sports will be saved for North and South teams, after this deadline we will open this to all teams from any region. Final Registration deadline April 10th.
  • Please note the Women's division will be headquartered at Fremont.

ONLINE REGISTRATIONS: All registration is required to be completed online using our online NGIN registration process. Below you will find information on what divisions will be available as well as tournament guidelines.

ROSTER: You will be required to modify and edit your tournament roster using this the NGIN registration site, please see roster instructions below.

All Players must be 18 years of age or older by April 20th, 2020.

Registration open now!

Division Breakdown & Qualifications


ADVANCED: Team is comprised of players a step below the Elite level or players who have not played competitive hockey in a significant time.

INTERMEDIATE: Team is comprised primarily of experienced recreational level players, with the remainder of the team having Varsity or JV High School, Competitive Midget or Junior C experience players. No Junior A, Professional or College Division I players will be allowed.

ADVANCED BEGINNER: Team is comprised of players who are still beginner in nature, and play one level up from the pure novice level.

NOVICE: Team is comprised of beginner level players who play in the lowest recreational leagues available. This player began playing the game as an adult, and has 1-5 years of playing experience.

ROOKIE: Team is comprised of true beginners who have just taken up hockey. This player has limited ice and roller hockey experience. Absolutely no upper level players will be tolerated.

WOMEN'S INTERMEDIATE: (Fremont primarily):  Team is comprised primarily of experienced recreational level players, in between the beginner and advanced levels.

WOMEN’S NOVICE (Fremont primarily) : Team is comprised of intermediate to beginner level players. If there is an opportunity to split level into intermediate and beginner skill level CAHA will review based on applications.

50 & OLDER OPEN: Open to players of all skill levels who are at least 50 years old by December 31, 2020

50 & OLDER BEGINNER: Open to players of all skill levels who are at least 50 years old by December 31, 2020

60 & OLDER: Open to players of all skill levels who are at least 60 years old by December 31, 2020

Cost: $985

All registration for this year's event will be done online starting TBA

Lodging Accommodations

The 2020 CAHA Adult Hockey State Championships has partnered with RoomRoster for April 24-26th. The RoomRoster system allows your team to stay at the hotel of your choice. 

System benefits:

•          Book any hotel in the local area that has availability

•          Current online rates or better

•          Team block courtesy hold

•          No signing hotel contracts

•          Small reservation deposit now; pay balance at check-in


For traveling teams, after tournament registration in SportsEnginge, create an account HERE in the RoomRoster Event Support System. The team rep is emailed their team rep account login link to begin the hotel booking process. When the team rep selects the team hotel, a unique team member link is created and can be emailed to each team member to create their own reservation within the block.

Please do not hesitate to contact our RoomRoster Support Specialists at 1-888-723-2064 or should you have any questions or require any assistance during the hotel booking process.

2020 Divisional Breakdown & Rules

Playoff tree can be found by clicking on the playoff tree on the standing link for each division:

Advanced, Women Novice: 4 teams, 3 Games Round Robin, Top two teams in Final

Intermediate: 8 teams, Two four team conferences, 3 Games Round Robin, Top team from each division in Final.

Women’s Open, Over 60: 3 teams, 4 games round robin, 2 times against each team, then top two in Final

Over 50: 3 teams, 4 games round robin, 2 times against each team, then top two in Final

Advanced Beginner, Novice: 12 teams, three 4 team conferences, 3 games round robin, top team from each division, plus wild card team in Semi and then Final

Novice II: 6 teams, 3 games round robin, then top two in Final

Online Registration

All registration for this years event will be done online.


Game Schedule & Results

We have a Real Time Online Game Scoring System, called Time-To-Score (TTS), which was developed at Sharks Ice. You can follow action by clicking on the Game Number once the game has started. The game results are updated at each stoppage. You can also download the scoresheet for printing at the end of the game.   

The entire schedule can be read by clicking on the the tournament name. Team Schedule is available by clicking on your "Team Name". Division schedule is available by clicking on the "Division Name".

CAHA Tournament Schedule and Results:

Sharks Ice Waiver

"Sharks Ice Waivers" are required for all players, coaches, and managers, even though your team may have previously signed the waivers for past events. Please prepare a new waiver for each coach, manager, and player. Indicate the tournament name as the event.